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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

D.I.share – Best practices, tools and resources for schools

D.I: share – Best practices, tools and resources for schools

D.I: share aims to become an accessible and dynamic tool for debating and sharing online practices and didactic experiences and discover new resources with a view to sharing and confrontation.

An open project

The project stems from the idea that the concept of didactic innovation is constantly changing and is enriched not only by the contribution of research and by what is provided by authoritative national and international sources, but also through the inputs given by schools. Nowadays, teaching cannot ignore the aspects characterising our society: complexity, fast change, international collaboration, and the revolution of the job market. This is why D.I.share is going to be a flexible tool, ready for confrontation and continuous regeneration, in one word, open.

A friendly project

The project will allow teachers to have the tools for their craft always at their disposal, in view of continuous improvement. We know that in the school world innovation is generated by the daily commitment of teachers and professional confrontation that create mutual enrichment and development. Indire supports this pathway: D.I.share will be a continuously expanding resource, a tool we wish would become essential, just as traditional libraries are, but with the unquestionable advantage of  being always updated, user friendly, easy to use and at hand.

With D.I. share you can:

  • Find out and share methodological, didactic and interdisciplinary best practices that are possible sources of inspiration for formal and informal educational activities

Many teachers experiment every day in their class innovative practices: D.I. share will be a repository of didactic experiences carried out by schools to facilitate peer contamination, reproducibility, exchange of ideas, sharing didactic strategies and the implementation of innovative methods.

  • Access innovative contents for classroom teaching

D.I. share will provide selected and constantly updated didactic resources and the teachers will have the possibility to find easily useful materials for classroom teaching.

  • Communicate and document didactic practices

D.I. share will provide easy-to-use tools to highlight didactic experiences, best practices and innovative methods to colleagues.

  • Dialogue with other teachers on the theme of innovation

In order to facilitate the development of professional communities and to understand what works and what does not.


For teachers but not only for them

The project is addressed to school professionals but is going to include also other actors: first of all students but also public and private bodies operating on the territory with schools, in formal and informal educational projects; and also, for example, the universities and national and international research centres.

The main tools

  1. Best innovative school practices
  2. Educational resources
  3. Documentation tools to describe one’s own didactic innovations and to share them in the D.I. share environment.