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First National Youth and Remembrance Day – Rome, 31 October 2022

Telling about the achievements, difficulties, goals, objectives of our country, so that everyone, and especially young people, would feel more and more involved, and responsible, so that memory will not be a burden, but a commitment towards life, beauty, creativity, and a goal to be achieved.

This is the objective of the First National Youth and Memory Day which will take place on Monday 31 October at 9.30, at the Roman Aquarium in Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 47 in Rome.

The event is organized by the structure for the enhancement of national anniversaries and the participatory dimension of the new generations of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in collaboration with INDIRE, with the National Youth Agency (ANG) and with the order of the Architects of Rome and province (OAR).

The day wants to be an unprecedented opportunity to talk about our history as an inexhaustible source of stimuli and memory, a guide in building our identity, an encouragement for the future, along different communication, and expressive channels.

More than 100 young people will participate in the event, as well as historians, popularisers, authors, artists. Young people will be the protagonists of dance, prose and visual performances and will be the voice of a national memory, ours, interwoven with commitment, research, struggles for justice, biographies of extraordinary women and men. A video mapping on the facade of the Aquarium will conclude the programme.


Organized by:
Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Structure for the valorisation of national anniversaries
and the participatory dimension of the new generations
In collaboration with:
National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE)
National Youth Agency (ANG)
Chamber of Architects of Rome and province (OAR)
With the contribution of:
Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Department for Regional Affairs and Autonomies
Department for Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service
Ministry of Education
Ministry of University and Research
Ministry of Culture
National Research Council
University of Siena, Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and Robotics Laboratory
Rome – Capitoline Superintendency for cultural heritage
Municipality of L’Aquila
National Association of Veterans of Captivity
“Vite di IMI” Museum – Italian Military Internees, Rome
Thanks to:
House of Architecture
Roman Aquarium
Documentation centre for women in Modena
Historical Institute of Modena
National Federation of Dance School Associations
Elis Food&Care with the Safi Elis Enogastronomic Institute
Falcon Foundation
Matteotti Foundation
Rome Foundation
States General of Memory
Piepoli Institute