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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Methodological and organisational innovation of the school model

This research aims to grasp innovation coming from schools by formalising and systematising it.

The research is called to identify the teaching methodologies and organisational solutions to overcome the current deadlock in the educational model, both in classroom educational practices and in the wider relationship between the school and the extended learning environments.

Through the analysis and observation of schools, the research actions are aimed at developing proposals to promote the innovation of the Italian school system in its various forms and dimensions.

The work plan envisages a first phase of selection, analysis and study of the ideas and paths for methodological and organisational innovation carried out in schools at national and international level, followed by the design and development of models to support the development of the innovation practices, addressed, in particular, to school mangers. The research work proceeds with the formalisation of the rooting processes and the systematisation of innovation in schools.

This line includes the activities of design and implementation of solutions for support, development and innovation (the Avant-garde Movement), and the creation of the Federation of School Innovation as a means of rooting and disseminating innovation.