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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


12 gennaio 2024

eTwinning for Initial Teacher Training: the Impact of the Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Initiative in a new INDIRE publication


The eTwinning/INDIRE national publications collection welcomes a new volume, dedicated to the initial training of teachers and already available online in PDF format.

The book, titled “Empowering Future Teachers for Sustainable Intercultural and Inclusive Education: The Impact of eTwinning on Initial Teacher Education”, outlines the extraordinary journey undertaken by Italy within the European initiative Initial Teacher Education (ITE), highlighting the guiding role of the eTwinning community in promoting innovation in education, especially in Italy.

Edited by Alexandra Tosi (eTwinning National Support Organization, INDIRE) and published by Carocci, the book is the result of a collaboration involving the eTwinning National Support Organization, INDIRE researchers, the University of Florence, and all universities across the country participating in the initiative.

It offers an in-depth look at the national context of initial teacher education through eTwinning, where Italy stands out among the most active countries, with over 100,000 involved teachers and a constant growth in the number of participating universities, reaching over 25 (out of approximately 250 at the European level).

The publication serves as a valuable guide to discern the most sustainable and effective methods for implementing teacher training in the long term, through an educational approach that benefits from a European framework and is enriched by universities choosing to adopt it.

The publication is divided into two parts:

The first part, concerning eTwinning ITE in Italy, is divided as follows:
Chapter 1 provides an overview of the origins and development of eTwinning ITE in Italy, along with some general characteristics and trends observed in the initiative concerning data for the academic year 2021-22;
Chapter 2 gathers contributions from representatives of all Italian universities involved, briefly describing how eTwinning has been integrated into their curriculum and the motivations and results of their participation;
Chapter 3 presents the results of research on practices and organizational models adopted in participating Italian universities and the benefits of their adoption, a result of a scientific partnership between the National eTwinning Unit, INDIRE, and the Department of Education, Languages, Interculture, Literature, and Psychology at the University of Florence.

The second part, related to the European ITE context, begins with an overview of eTwinning ITE in Europe in Chapter 4, followed by four testimonies from eTwinning countries: Ireland (Chapter 5), France (Chapter 6), Poland (Chapter 7), Spain (Chapter 8), and Turkey (Chapter 9).


The text (available in English version only) can be freely downloaded in PDF format by registering on the Carocci publishing house website (follow the instructions on the site).
It will also be distributed in print format during events and initiatives of the National INDIRE Unit.


Click here to download the volume >>