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20 luglio 2023

Erasmus Orchestra, the European call for the new 2023/2025 staff

The Erasmus Orchestra is the first and unique orchestra formed by Erasmus students, born under the initiative of the Erasmus+ Italian National Agency – INDIRE, for the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme in 2017.

It is a pilot project for the construction of a traveling artistic ensemble which, thanks to the universal language of music and art, can represent the value of a common European belonging in the world.

Since 2017, the Orchestra has performed over 15 performances in prestigious European locations and beyond, involving over 20 Conservatories and 200 Erasmus students in professional concert activity, providing international experience and collaborations which have underlined the educational purposes of the initiative.

The value of the Orchestra in promoting Erasmus+ opportunities for the Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance sector has been welcomed as good practice by the European Commission and many other Erasmus+ programme stakeholders.

This convinced the Erasmus+ Italian National Agency to further structure the initiative in an international direction, launching a new call for staff selection open to Conservatories and Music Institutes active in all the EU Member States and Third countries associated to the Erasmus+ Programme.

The initiative is sponsored by the Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC), which has embraced the project, conferring prestige, visibility and promotion at a European level.


Expression of interest

With this new Expression of Interest, a list of suitable candidates will be established at European level for the formation of the Erasmus Orchestra musicians, from which the Erasmus+ Italian National Agency will be able to draw for the production in question and subsequent productions in the two-year period 2023/2025.

The list of suitable candidates will be composed through the selection of the applications presented via online form by the Conservatories and Music Institutes of all the Erasmus+ countries, as described in the text of the announcement.



The application must necessarily be made by each Conservatory/Music Institute exclusively in online mode, to candidate up to a maximum of 5 Erasmus students as described in the announcement.


Expiration of terms

The online applications must be completed by each Conservatory/Music Institute no later than 60 days from the date of publication of the announcement on the INDIRE website (new deadline: 15th October 2023).


Info&Contacts: orchestraerasmus@indire.it


Official Documents and Forms: