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European Digital Educational Hub – Artificial Intelligence

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Today, artificial intelligence (AI) pervades our daily routines and professional lives, bringing both significant benefits and potential risks, and is transforming several sectors, and education is no exception (UNICEF, 2020). AI has the potential to contribute significantly to education, such as enhancing personalised learning experiences, automating administrative tasks and making informed data-driven decisions.

The role of AI in the learning process has a widespread and pervasive nature that includes dimensions that can be described as education with AI, about AI and for AI, and the importance of AI literacy for the general population cannot be underestimated (CoE, 2022). It becomes increasingly important for educators and school administrators to understand the basics of AI and the use of data to enable beneficial, responsible and ethical engagement with these technologies, thereby unlocking their full potential (EC, 2022).

However, there are some misconceptions about AI that may hinder its effective implementation, such as the perceived complexity of AI, trust issues or fears about the negative impact of AI on education and the teaching profession. It is worth noting that the integration of AI in education is not without ethical concerns. Privacy and security, the potential bias of algorithms and the fear that automation will replace human educators are critical issues that need to be addressed. Consequently, it is important to ensure the responsible and ethical use of AI in education.

In February 2023, the European Digital Education Hub team ‘AI in Education’ was founded in response to recent developments related to AI. From February to the end of June 2023, the ‘AI in Education’ team worked intensively to discuss various aspects of the use of AI and its impact on education.

The result of these discussions is the creation of seven information reports:




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