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The SEER – The STE(A)M Education European Roadmap

The general objective of The SEER project is to provide education and research policy makers with a series of useful indications to implement large-scale interventions to favour the integration of STE(A)M or STEM education in Europe.

THE SEER, during the 36-month duration of the project, will provide a summary of the state of integrated STEM education in Europe and an analysis of national and international policies on the subject, to identify strategies that can effectively support the integration of STE (A)M in education. This analysis – and the resulting recommendations – will help build a roadmap to promote integrated STEM education, which will be made available to EU ministries of education and policymakers to support policy improvements in Europe.

Integrated STEM educational strategies will be mapped and analysed with the aim not only of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of European initiatives in this area, but also of orienting teachers, schools, and training institutes towards sustainable and meaningful approaches.

The STE(A)M Education European Roadmap will define a series of crucial points for the integration of STE(A)M, indicating possible trajectories and strategies for stakeholders, including politicians, school leaders, teachers, and local players.

INDIRE, the University of Cyprus, the Hellenic Open University (Greece), the Platform Bètatechniek Foundation (Holland) and the Pedagogical University of Freiburg (Germany) collaborate on the project Under the coordination of European Schoolnet (EUN).

The project HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01-70 – n. 01058569, which started on 1 September 2022 and will end on 31 August 2025.