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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Research areas

Indire’s research activities aim to implement the Institute’s mission, namely to support the ongoing innovation in Italian schools  and steer the processes to transform educational methods, tools, and the architecture of schools, including furnishings and learning environments.

The research approach was laid down by the Three-Year Work Plan 2015-2017 (Italian version).

The Institute’s research work has three strategic objectivesinterpreting the innovation processes that are being developed in educational systems in Italy and abroad; proposing actions to systematise and disseminate new teaching and learning practices and models; and supporting schools engaged in processes to transform environments and teaching methods.

To achieve these objectives, the Institute’s Research Sector has been divided into five areas:

These areas work in continued synergy, taking a cross-cutting approach, ensuring unsurpassed scientific collaboration in all the research activities as well as in all the Institute’s national and international projects. As envisaged by the Three-Year Work Plan 2015-2017, all of these areas promote and develop national and international collaborations while opening up all possible channels to disseminate the research results. Moreover, they organise lifelong learning programmes for researchers, technologists and technical staff, and encourage participation in major conferences and scientific initiatives in relevant sectors.

The activities of INDIRE’s Regional Units (in Turin, Rome and Naples) are linked to the five research areas and ensure that national and international initiatives and projects have a close connection with their own region.