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6 luglio 2023

Erasmus+ INDIRE at Corri la Vita. Objective: to exceed 38,000 participants!

Sunday 24 September Erasmus+ INDIRE will be at the starting line of “Corri la vita“, the largest sporting and solidarity event in Italy, with a race through the streets of Florence.

The 2023 edition of the charity event, which has seen the participation of tens of thousands of people for 21 years, promises to be full of breakthroughs, with the arrival of the runners once again in Piazza della Signoria.

The Erasmus+ National Agency participates in the event for the fifth consecutive year in a spirit of solidarity towards an important cause, whose ethical component is an element that brings it closer to the values of inclusion and solidarity typical of the Erasmus+ Programme. The hope is to exceed last year’s 38,000 attendances, also thanks to the presence of the Erasmus+ community.

Furthermore, the race takes place during the European Week of Sport and represents an important opportunity to create a solid link between the world of sport and that of education in a European key, which allows the experiences of the Erasmus protagonists to be known and valued.

For the 2023 edition, the Erasmus+ Agency Indire relaunches the participation of the Erasmus team: a group made up of dozens of students, teachers and pupils linked to the Programme and coming from various parts of Italy, as every year, to participate in a day dedicated to solidarity and sport.

For the occasion, the “Erasmus Award” is also confirmed, a recognition for the best classified in the race among the members of the Erasmus team.

Starting from 1 September, it will be possible to register for Corri la Vita 2023 and participants will be provided with precise indications on the procedures to follow in order to be part of the Erasmus team.

On the day of the event, the Agency will also be present at the race with an information point in the departure area, open to anyone who wants to learn more about Erasmus+ opportunities and would like to receive some Programme gadgets.Come è organizzata l’edizione 2023 di Corri la vita


How the 2023 edition of Corri la vita is organised

Participants will have the opportunity to choose from new routes diversified by degree of difficulty: one of about 11 km, dedicated to those who want to run, and a second of 6 km for those who prefer to enjoy the cultural destinations along the way. The departure is scheduled from Piazzale Lincoln in the Cascine park: the routes will wind through unprecedented scenarios and breath-taking views, designed ad hoc to enjoy the beauties of Florence, up to the finish line in Piazza della Signoria.

To all this is added, as per tradition, the possibility of visiting for free in the afternoon many cultural destinations scattered throughout the city and its surroundings, including museums and exhibitions, simply by wearing the Corri la Vita 2023 shirt or showing the donation receipt.

To participate in the event it will be necessary to register on the site from 1 September and make a minimum donation of 10 euros, then collect the shirt online or at distribution points.

Among the objectives of the new edition of Corri la Vita is that of supporting an important project by Ispro which will make it possible to promote the culture of prevention in a more widespread and capillary manner throughout the territory in a general framework that will embrace not only breast cancer. The activities of the Ce.Ri.On. will also be supported, as every year. – Ispro-Lilt Oncological Rehabilitation Center of Villa delle Rose; SenoNetwork, the portal that brings together all the Italian Breast Units and File – Fondazione Italiana di Leniterapia Onlus.


For info and details on registration points: www.corrilavita.it


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