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4 luglio 2023

The fourth edition of the PATHS Summer School is underway. Philosophy and critical thinking in the European Year of Skills

After the success of the previous years, INDIRE and the Ministry of Education and Merit – Directorate General of Regulations – invite teachers of all school levels to the fourth edition of the PATHS Summer School “Philosophy and critical thinking in the European year of skills”, which will be held from 11 to 13 July online on the INDIRE platform.

Three days of conferences, webinars and workshops to discuss an educational proposal that promotes comparison between peers in the classroom, strengthening education in critical thinking through dialogue between disciplines.

The summer school – entirely free of charge – offers lectures by university professors such as Riccardo Chiaradonna (Roma Tre University), Enrico Nardelli (Tor Vergata University), Maria Silva Vaccarezza (University of Genoa) and Vincenzo Ambriola (University of Pisa), and collects most interesting educational activities carried out during this school year in primary and secondary schools.

The goal is to design, experiment and share methods of didactic and methodological renewal to promote critical thinking, through the PATHS model – a Philosophical Approach to THinking Skills. Ample space will be dedicated to educational workshops and to sharing the results of the experimentation of philosophy in the curriculum of technical and professional schools which involved 21 institutes in the regions of Tuscany, Piedmont, Molise and in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

PATHS reached over 1,800 teachers from 1,150 schools; 147 teaching units created by the teachers involved in the project are online.


How to participate in the Summer School?


The training offer is aimed at teachers of all disciplines and schools of all levels. Find here the instructions to participate:


register on the PATHS platform;

enroll for the summer school;

enroll in the virtual rooms included in the calendar (each room takes its name from the training appointments set out in the attached programme).

For further information or assistance: paths@indire.it.


See the Summer School programme >>


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