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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Models for the analysis and interpretation of the main phenomena in the school system, evaluation of innovation processes and use of ICT

The increasing complexity characterising the school sector in contemporary society strengthens the need to observe school phenomena from broad perspectives.

This research activity aims to develop innovative models for the observation of the main phenomena that characterise the national school system, through the study of new investigation methods and the consequent experimentation of interventions for detection, reading and interpretation of the information acquired through time by Indire, that are also integrated with those deriving from external sources.

The study and experimentation of the tools offered by new technologies are functional to:

  • Enhance the information organised into Indire’s internal databases by correlation;
  • Extend the institute’s informative heritage through the analysis and the automatic extraction of unstructured information contained in the digital documentary corpora;
  • Enrich the overview of the phenomena observed, through the integrated reading of the wide range of the Institure’ s data and beyond (big and open data);
  • Develop specific knowledge based systems for the education sector;
  • Start enhancement projects for the results of both the main innovations carried out at school and general phenomena such as the use of ICT for competences development, learning outcomes and motivational aspects.