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Fisqed software

The FISQED software is built for the documentary cataloguing of specific non-book material consisting of notebooks, albums, diaries, registries, school report cards and similar material. These are documents kept in educational libraries and museums, but often also in school archives, where they represent a potentially very interesting resource for educational work.

For the benefit of educational historians, the software offers targeted information on the aspects of greatest interest to researchers, from those relating to the semantic content of documents to those relating to the editorial aspects of the commercial medium/container. The structuring of the fields of research, with the adaptations required by this atypical material, respects the archival bond, the ISBD – NBM description standards, documentary standards and is compatible with metadata standards.

The focus of the software is the documentary approach, intended as ample space given to semantic indexing through thesaurus and to the abstract for the representation of the conceptual contents of the document. A multilingual thesaurus is interfaced with the software. this is used for the moment in the Italian version, but it will enable the expansion of the project internationally, in the future.

The software is designed both for the establishment of a local database and for the export of data in the cumulative online catalogue.




To download the software, write an email with your request to: fisqed@indire.it




Download the user manual >>