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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

The FISQED National Observatory

The FISQED National Observatory on Italian collections of school notebooks and didactic documents was established in June 2004, on the initiative of the National Institute of Documentation for Innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE) of Florence (scientific curator Juri Meda).

The first intervention of the Observatory consisted in a national census of existing funds and in the establishment of a FISQED network, aimed at linking the public and private institutions responsible for their conservation.

The results of the census and the contacts established with the Institutes have shown the need to continue the work with the planning of a cumulative systematic catalogue of the funds, all of great interest, but so far largely “invisible” to the public of researchers and scholars.

INDIRE, on the basis of the experience gained in the construction of the Winride software for the cataloguing of book and multimedia school materials, has taken on the responsibility of identifying the descriptive standards of this new material, the atypicality of which has led over time to a great discrepancy in treatment, when it was taken into consideration. The FISQED software was created, specifically dedicated to the FISQED project and distributed by the Observatory.


To officially join the FISQED national documentary network, it is necessary to fill in the registration request attached below. The request will be forwarded directly to the FISQED National Observatory, which will carefully evaluate it and possibly invite the requesting body/institution to enter into a special agreement.

Subscription to the FISQED National Documentary Network allows, in addition to the distribution of the FISQED software, also the accumulation of individual local databases within the national cumulative catalogue.


To join the project:

Write to Pamela Giorgi p.giorgi@indire.it

Online registration >>


Indire’s FISQED National Observatory
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Tel.: (+39) 055 23.80.367
Fax: (+39) 055 23.80.514
E-mail: Pamela Giorgi p.giorgi@indire.it – ​​Irene Zoppi i.zoppi@indire.it, archiviostorico@indire.it