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3D primary school

This page is dedicated to leaders and teachers of primary schools who wish to take part in the project Maker@School, and in particular the “3D primary school” activities that began in September 2016. Compiling the registration form, interested schools can communicate their desire to take part in the project and keep up to date on its developments, in particular the opening of the online work environment.

The INDIRE research group involved in the project Maker@School has worked for some time in the 3D printer field with the project Building Toys with 3D Printers, dedicated to infant schools, and intends to transfer part of the know-how acquired, to primary schools, thanks to a specific research programme.

Considering the high number of schools taking part, and the physical distance between them, we have decided to develop a project based on an online platform, webinars, and search tools managed directly by the teachers, since our physical presence in all the schools taking part is impractical.

Prerequisites of the schools

To take part in the project it is indispensable to have a 3D printer by September 2016 as well as access to the Internet. As for the teaching tools, it is possible to work with an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) or a PC (with any operating system) equipped with a mouse. The software used is Tinkercad, a free web app, developed by Autodesk, a leading company in the design of 3D software.

N.B.: Schools that do not currently possess a 3D printer can still fill in the form, indicating that they do not possess a printer and specifying in the relevant “note”  field whether they intend to purchase one, with their own funds or future financing (“Atelier Creativi”, etc.), or whether they are simply interested in the project but have no possibility of buying one. In the latter case, we will bear the request in mind, should future opportunities arise.

Material supplied during the research

The project group organises webinars (online lessons) at the beginning, during, and at the end of the project. Information and downloadable manuals will also be made available on the use of 3D printers and their inclusion in schools. INDIRE offers a teaching plan which includes a series of tasks that refer to national recommendations for infant, primary and lower secondary school. An online environment will provide the necessary support to teaching methods using a 3D printer, concerning the technological setting (configuration and instrumentation) and the carrying out of class exercises.

Schools’ commitment during the research

Schools taking part must periodically fill in the observation grids, of the evaluation sheets as well as a work diary. Schools will play an active role through participation in webinars and online communities.