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30 agosto 2017

Science education, double event with Scientix at Fair Didacta on 28 September

Among the more than 80 events of Fair Didacta Italy (Florence, Fortezza Da Basso 27-29 September 2017), we highlight two events promoted by Scientix, the community which encourages European collaboration among teachers, decision-makers and researchers involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. Scientix’s aim is to give the widest visibility as possible to the results of the research projects on scientific education, carried out with public funds, by sharing didactical materials, resources and reports which can be freely downloaded and reused.

The programme is coordinated by European Schoolnet with the financial support of the EU framework programme Horizon 2020 for research and innovation.  Indire is engaged in the promotion of the Scientix network with its related activities, and their integration and coordination at national level. The Institute is also in charge of the selection of the didactic resources and Italian projects, to be published on the web portal.

«Scientix is a collector of didactic resources, a training place and a network of professionals», emphasises Maria Guida, Indire’s project coordinator, presenting the two Scientix events at Fair Didacta. «The first event is an immersive workshop, in which a group of teachers, Scientix ambassadors, will show the potentials of the portal in order to innovate didactics and motivate students» (Scientix and STEM learning, 28/9 from 9am to 12 pm).

«On the same day, 28 September, there will be a large national convention in which experts of the sector will present the main themes related to STEM didactics and best practices. This event, promoted by Indire, aims to take stock of the teaching of scientific subjects in Italy, examining some of the main issues at stake, such as learning difficulties, students’ demotivation regarding scientific career paths, and gender gap. (“Curiosity, motivation, learning in science teaching” 28/9 at 3pm).


I’m a teacher, how do I enrol?

Online booking to the more than 80 events of Fair Didacta has already opened! If you are a teacher you can ask schools for the recognition of the training and workshop activities as in-service training. Teachers have to book at least 4 workshops, included in the ticket, which will give 1 ECT.

Fair Didacta Italy 

Fiera Didacta Italy is the most important international event on school education, scheduled in Fortezza da Basso in Florence from 27 to 29 September. The event is sponsored by the Miur and organised by Florence Fair together with the main institutions of the territory (Tuscany Region, Florence City Council, Florence Chamber of Commerce) and Didacta International, with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (Itkam) and Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Indire is the scientific partner of Fair Didacta Italy and the organiser of the events. Enrolment to the workshops, seminars and events has already opened.

Programme, information and tickets

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