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20 novembre 2017

The new online training platform for newly appointed teachers has opened


The online training environment for newly appointed teachers and teachers who have been tenured in the school year 2017/2018 has opened!

In the coming months and during the entire probation and training period, the online environment is going to support teachers along their new pathway.

The access to the reserved areas can be obtained from the homepage. After the registration, users will receive the login credentials by email. The platform for tutors will be available in spring 2018.

As always, local agents will be able to access a demo in the reserved area to familiarise with the activities of the training path and facilitate their support to teachers.

The training environment has been changed from the previous years in order to include the new developments introduced by the ministerial memorandum of 2/8/17 and the results of the monitoring activities carried out every year by Indire. In particular, the training portfolio was increased with the  Laboratories/visits section, to enable the documentation of in person training in the field and visits to innovative schools, as envisioned by the ministerial memorandum.

The toolkit section has been extended in order to include tools and provisions, provided by Indire and the territorial authorities, addressed to teachers, tutors and local agents. This section will be constantly updated during the year. In the toolkit, there is also a specific area for tutors in order to provide them with specific support, considering their key role for the training of newly appointed teachers. As every year, support to the online platform is provided by the FAQ and by contacting the online support service. Both services can be accessed from the platform homepage.

Access the online platform for newly appointed teachers