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28 novembre 2017

Language support for refugees: the new toolkit of the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe has made available a new toolkit to support all those collaborating with NGOs and charitable associations in providing language support for refugees and asylum seekers.

The toolkit includes 57 ready to use didactic tools and materials providing guidelines for the interaction with the refugees in the first meetings, and encouraging positive group dynamics. The toolkit is the final product of a long activity of collection, selection, and experimentation of already existing materials. It was designed as part of the CoE’s project Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM) involving groups of experts in Italy, UK and Romania.

Find here the list of the experts who collaborated to the creation of the toolkit.

The Italian experts were: Alessandro Borri (Provincial centre for adult education “Montagna” of Castel di Casio – Bologna); Orazio Colosio (Provincial centre for adult education Treviso); Sabrina Machetti (Università per Stranieri of Siena); Fernanda Minuz (Researcher); Emilia Paonne (Association “Bambini + Diritti”); Mariangela Recchia (“Auxilium” Cooperative); Lorenzo Rocca (Università per Stranieri of Perugia). The experimental implementation in Italy was carried out this year in 36 centres from April to February and involved 18 LIAM local coordinators, 150 volunteers and 2.076 refugees. (Find here the report).

The toolkit is available in 7 languages – Italian, English, French, German, Dutch, Greek and Turkish and is organised into the following sections:

Go to the toolkit: www.coe.int/lang-refugees