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21 marzo 2018

“Stories of resilience”: the best 25 experiences of social redemption presented in Florence on 21 March

A network of positive role models has been created to inspire everyone living in difficult social-economic conditions.

The Indire’s Nationa Agency Erasmus + and Epale Italian Unit, the community for adult learning in Europe launched the open call “Stories of resilience”, under the initiative of the European commission. The aim is to collect testimonies of migrants, refugees, youths at risk of abandoning school, prisoners, ex-prisoners, disables and disadvantaged youths, who turned their lives around thanks to education and training.

The authors of the 25 best stories will be presented and rewarded today at 3:30 pm in Florence, in the sala Poccetti of the Istituto degli innocenti as part of the event “Stories of resilience. Education, training and learning to turn difficulties into occasions of personal growth and social redemption”.

Cristina Giachi, deputy mayor of Florence; Anne Ballauf, member of the European commission for education, sport and culture; Giovanni di Fede, member of the management board of Indire; Sara pagliai, coordinator of the Inidre’s National Agency Erasmus+; and Patrizia Garista, Indire’s researcher expert on resilience, will take part in the event.

Sara pagliai, coordinator of the Inidre’s National Agency Erasmus+ declared, «The initiative allows us to give voice to  people living at the margins of society, whose lives don’t make headlines but have much to tell. We have received 70 stories full of humanity. Different stories having in common a “redemption” gained thanks to education and training. Today we present the authors of the most significant stories so that their life experience can inspire other people to start a path of growth».

Among the stories selected there are many of migrants who, after the dramatic journey to reach the Italian coasts have been welcomed and incorporated in university courses or in the labour market. Other stories are about experiences such as prison, poverty and physical disability.

During 2018, these people will have the opportunity to act as testimonials in schools, prisons and institutes for adult education in order to tell their stories, performing the role model function, that is a referent figure supporting a more inclusive society and learning environment.

Find here the programme of the event. Places are assigned on a first come first served basis.

To know more about the stories of resilience, visit the event website