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21 marzo 2018

The themes relating to citizenship in a series of free-of-charge didactic events for schools

The School of European citizenship is an educational initiative of the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation addressed to schools and families. It is a place for knowledge, a didactic laboratory to discover and reflect on the great challenges and on the most important contemporary topics, from poverty, management of natural resources, to gender issues, and the fight against discrimination. A school-not-school made up of 30 free -of-charge didactic paths conceived to promote a more equal society, combining civil and political rights, personal freedom and social justice.

The educational paths (2-6 hours) are accompanied by toolkits for prelaminar work in the classroom and are concluded by laboratory activities carried out by instructors, authors, researchers and experts at the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli foundation’s headquarters in Milan, in viale Pasubio 5.

Find the events calendar below

20 March – 16 April – upper and secondary schools

Testimonies of active participation. Fighting against Mafia.

22 March – Upper secondary schools

Water. A common resource and everyone’s responsibility

4 April – Upper secondary schools

Us and the other. Migration and cultural identity

9 April – lower secondary schools

Towards freedom

10 April lower secondary schools – 11 April upper secondary schools

Chronicles of war. Interpreting the present


Some of the events for schools are also part of the programme of the 2nd edition of the initiative FoodForAll (7-13 May 2018).


All the activities are free of charge and available upon reservation at formazione@fondazionefeltrinelli.it.