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4 maggio 2018

Migrant education is Epale’s May focus

Also this month Epale proposes a theme to focus on through articles, materials and initiatives.  May’s focus is on the education of adult migrants, refugees and international asylum seekers.

Educational and training initiatives undertaken by associations, schools and local organisations are an essential part of the integration process of people coming from distant countries and cultures. These initiatives are often the first step towards becoming part of a new country, culture and community. Helping migrants to learn the local language and acquire the necessary skills to work is vital for their new career and their inclusion in the job market.  Adult learning can also help equip locals with intercultural awareness and competences, easing the integration process for everyone involved.

The Epale platform has a permanent thematic section on migrant education to emphasise the importance of this theme and the belief that adult education can not only help migrants to adapt to the new environment but it can also be a solution to religious and cultural hatred.

How is the focus organised?

During the entire month of May, the Epale national unit will promote the sharing of contents on migrant education in the formal non-formal and informal sectors which will remain permanently available in the dedicated thematic section. Every Epale subscriber will be allowed to contribute accessing the platform with their credentials and selecting the section of the content ( blog, event, resource) to be published on the platform. By selecting the thematic tag, the content will be visible on the homepage and in the dedicated section.

Join Epale and contribute to the theme of the month

Live discussion on 31 May at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

At the end of the monthly focus there will be a virtual meeting on the role and the challenges set by adult education in view of helping migrants integrate in the host country, and on how to favour tolerance and cultural understanding. The discussion which will be an occasion to know new opportunities and European colleagues, will be moderated by the thematic coordinator of Epale, Gina Ebner. We hope to see you online!

Join the discussion (in English) on 31 May at 10 a.m.


The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) is the European digital platform dedicated to the professionals operating in the adult education sector. The online environment offers the chance to collaborate and meet to exchange ideas, experiences and solutions. Currently, it has 37,000 subscribers in Europe and more than 4,00 in Italy. The EPALE National Unit is based at Indire.

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