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5 luglio 2018

Erasmus students mobility: Italian participation on the increase

The three-day meeting of Indire’s Erasmus+ Agency and the universities and institutions benefiting of funding is underway in Rome in order to delve into the managerial aspects of the Erasmus+ programme.

Since 1987, almost half a million of Italian students have travelled in Europe with the Erasmus+ programme. In 2017, 60,000 Erasmus exchanges, including outgoing and incoming students, were registered. The outgoing students of our universities were 36,000 and more than 25,000 students chose our country for an Erasmus experience, motivated by the language and cultural aspects, and mainly by the formative offer of our universities.

In 2018/2019 the bursary request of our universities is going to increase by 10%, including study and traineeship with a budget of 76,017,802 Euros.

The breakthroughs regard extra European mobility with the introduction of traineeship and the increase of the bursary which reaches 700 euros per month for outgoing students and 850 euros per month for incoming students. In 2018, the budget at disposal for this action increased by 15% reaching 15,850,000 Euros.


IDENTIKIT OF THE ERASMUS STUDENT – The Erasmus student who chooses Europe as destination is on average 23 years old, and 25 for trainees. 59% of them are female students and 63% when it comes to in-company internships. Spain, France, Germany, the UK and Portugal are the favourite countries for study exchanges with an average staying of 6 months. Students on traineeships stay on average 3 months and a half. As far as incoming students are concerned, the main countries of provenience are: Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Turkey.