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27 agosto 2018

Enrol for the new EUN’s free online course on CLIL and language diversity in the classroom

“Embracing Language Diversity in Your Classroom” is the new online free course promoted by European Schoolnet, starting on 24 September.

The course is dedicated to the themes of language diversity with a special focus on CLIL. In Today’s classrooms, teachers are often required to manage multilingualism, however they are not always geared up to make the most of this resource. MOOC aims to tackle this issue. During the lessons, participants will be invited to reflect on their teacher language awareness, that is, the role of language in the process of knowledge acquisition and comprehension, through thought, senses and experience and how all this reflects in their teaching. Participants will be also provided with tools and contents to structure curricular lessons in different languages (e.g. English and French).

The course is intended for everyone wishing to move the first steps in CLIL and interested in giving a didactic and pedagogical value to multilingualism in their classroom. It is structured into 4 weekly modules   and requires approximately 4/5 hours per week. The course is open to all primary and secondary school teachers and is taught by Daniela Cuccurullo, Nair Carrera and the Indire researcher Letizia Cinganotto.

The lessons (in English) will start on Monday 24 September and conclude on 31 October.  In order to enrol it is necessary to register in the European School Education Gateway platform.