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2 novembre 2018

Adult learning in career development is Epale’s November focus

During one’s professional life, it is possible and advisable that obtaining new qualifications, up-skilling or re-skilling would be required.

In November, EPALE, the online community dedicated to adult education, focuses on the challenge of highlighting the need for career-long professional learning. This is going to be achieved through information on the portal and publishing other countries’ ongoing experiences with the aim to make known the opportunities offered by national and regional founding, encourage to spend more on professional updating, and make understand the central role played by lifelong learning in the public administration.

This focus provides also the chance to update the thematic session on lifelong learning where the community members and the national teams have already gathered interesting articles, resources and casa studies (content varies based on your language preference).

We would like to invite you to join EPALE’s live discussion on the role of adult learning in helping career development. The discussion will be in English and will take place on 22 November.



Join Epale and contribute to the thematic focus!

Contribute to the live discussion (22/11 at 10 am)