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22 maggio 2019

The #ErasmusDays are coming back. Three-days to tell all the colours of Erasmus+

On 10,11, and 12 October the #Erasmusdays will be back. The European initiative involves beneficiaries and protagonists of the programme Erasmus+ in events spread all over Europe and beyond.

Three-days when Erasmus+ won’t be told by the national agencies but the beneficiaries of the programme through a series of events organised by them in all European countries. The #Erasmusdays are an opportunity to promote and make the Erasmus+ programme known, share an experience, spread the project and encourage other people to take part in this adventure.

The idea of the #Erasmusdays started in 2017 on the initiative of Agence Erasmus+ France and was immediately welcomed by the national agencies of all the other countries participating in the programme, becoming an annual appointment. In 2018 there were 1435 events that made known the opportunities and projects of mobility and European cooperation to more than 115 million citizens in 39 countries.

The 2019 edition is going to be even richer than the previous ones: there are already 24 agencies of the agencies participating in the programme that have already joined more than 90 events registered on the European website launched on last 9 May.

This year the initiative places at its centre international mobility and European citizenship but also the role of the #ErasmusAlumni, the network of students and university teachers, teacher and head teachers, eTwinning ambassadors, school students and experts of adult education united by having had a successful Erasmus experience. Their role today is that of ambassadors of the programme, engaged in reaching ever more people and organisations also in view of the enlarged budget proposed by the EU commission and parliament for the seven year period 2021-2027.


Who can organise an event on the occasion of the #Erasmusdays?

The invitation to organise an #Erasmusdays event on 10,11, 12 October is addressed to schools of all types and levels, associations, universities, local bodies, information centres, city councils and all the organisations taking part in Erasmus + or that are willing to make the programme known and participate in the celebrations.


What can be proposed for the #Erasmusdays?

The event organised can be a conference but not necessarily. Informal events are welcome: exhibitions, concerts, performances, dialogues, stories, video screenings, theatre, moments of peer learning, sports marathons, social contests, flash mobs, welcoming events, training and information, video conferences, online events, and so on.

Everyone is free to tell their Erasmus + as they wish to let more people know how much this programme brings innovation, openness, culture and change to individuals and organisations. A formula that in the past years has been very useful to involve the public has been that of the “Bring a friend!”, which involves inviting to your event a person, a school, an organisation that has never participated in European projects.


How do you participate in #Erasmusdays?

  • Organise an Erasmus+ event on one of the three scheduled days (10, 11 and 12 October 2019).
  • Enter it on the European map through the site common to all participating countries. Simply complete the online form in all the required fields by entering a catchy title, the description of the event and all useful details.
  • Describe your event in your language but translate it (even just a summary) in English or French to facilitate its dissemination at European level. Once the report is entered into the online system, the event will be approved and made public by the web editorial team within a couple of days.
  • Add a photo or a representative image of your event.
  • Use the official European hashtag #ERASMUSDAYS to share it on social media, especially in the 3 days #erasmusdays 2019


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