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25 luglio 2019

Erasmus partecipates in “Corri la vita” 2019 in Florence


On 29 Septembre “Corri la vita” – the largest solidarity sport event in Italy – is going to be at the starting line in Florence.

The Indire’s national agency Erasmus+ participates in the event with a spirit of solidarity towards an important cause whose ethic component brings it closer to the values of inclusion and solidarity of the Erasmus+ programme. Moreover, the run represents an important occasion to build a stronger bond between the world of sports and education that allows for the dissemination and valorisation of the experiences of the Erasmus protagonists.



Also this year, in addition to the first three men and women in order of arrival, the three largest groups (companies, associations, universities) enrolled in the event will also get on the podium. As far as this is concerned, the Erasmus+ agency created the Erasmus + prize, a reward for the best ranking person not only among students but also teachers, professors and all the people connected with the Erasmus+ programme, taking part in the run.

On the event day, the agency will set up an information point open to everyone willing to know the opportunities of Erasmus and many Erasmus students from all over Europe are going to take part in the run.

On the same day, the marathon organised by the Polish agency will be run in Poland in order to build an ideal bridge linking the two European countries.

From 2 to 26 September, with a minimum donation of 10 euros each, it will be possible to enrol for “Corri la vita” and have the T-shirt of the Run. To register it is enough to go to one of the 11 registration points,  collect the T-shirt and the breastplate, online pre-registration will be also available through the boxOffice Toscana circuit.

Also on the 2nd of September, the Indire’s national agency Erasmus+ is going to activate an online registration for all the participants who want to become part of the Erasmus group at Corri la vita  and run for the “Erasmus prize”.

Participants will have the opportunity to choose between two paths of differing difficulty: one of about 11 kilometres and another of 6, winding through new scenarios and breath-taking views specially chosen to enjoy the unique beauty of Florence.

Promoted by association Corri la vita onlus in collaboration with LILT (Italian league for the fight against cancer, Florence department) to support the women suffering from cancer in the problems arising after treatment in the “area vasta Fiorentina” (Florence, Prato, Empoli and Pistoia).


Further information and details about the registration points >>