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31 ottobre 2019

Workplace learning is Epale’s December focus

In today’s fast-changing labour market, every country needs to be sure that its workforce has the right skills, and that working adults remain competitive and keep updating their skills in order to remain employable and play a full part in society (see the EU Commission’s 2018 report).

EPALE believes that workplace learning is crucial in helping adults achieve their personal and professional goals. The thematic session “workplace learning” gathers articles and useful resources on the subject, suggested by Epale’s members and national and international experts (contents vary according to the language chosen).

It is possible to contribute to this focus and publish contents by accessing the platform with one’s own credentials and choosing among the materials “workplace learning” to categorise content. The articles collected will be then included in the Epale’s European newsletter, issued to all subscribers.

We suggest you to visit Epale website regularly to find out about the increasingly new contents that will be published on this theme from October to December.


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