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9 maggio 2020

Erasmus+, video message from Ministers Azzolina and Manfredi for Europe Day

On the occasion of Europe Day, the minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, and the minister of University and Research, Gaetano Manfredi, wanted to send a message on the Erasmus Programme through a video made by the Indire’s National Agency Erasmus+.

Together with them, the voices of some of the many participants in the Programme who joined the #IorestoErasmus campaign.

From 1987 to today, over 10 million European citizens have lived an Erasmus experience. Of these, over half a million are Italian. Despite the health emergency, the Programme continues and Italian schools and universities are looking towards the future. This is demonstrated by the increase, registered last month by the Agency, in the applications for projects in the School, Higher Education and Education sectors.