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23 ottobre 2020

Rodari space: 100 years of fantastic fantasy

Spazio Rodari 100 anni di fantasia fantastica ">

Indire pays homage to Gianni Rodari on the hundredth anniversary of his birth, with the Rodari Space, a virtual space where the kind of school, that this teacher, poet and intellectual has left to us, is investigated.

Inside the Rodari space we remember the teacher through the precious collaboration with a group of students who are the authors of most of the texts and multimedia contents of the website, as in the Rodari tradition. The collaboration with ITT “G. Chilesotti” of Thiene (Vicenza) has become the occasion to start the didactic laboratory of history, literature and ICT, which has been documented also through their work diary published here.

The Rodari space is conceived for didactic purposes but also to provide food for thought, for this reason it was designed as an environment where a selection of documents of different types are gathered, drawing from online sources and from documents kept in the Indire historical archive, but also reprocessing images, texts, photos and comics to narrate Rodari’s relationship with school education, and also with cinema and visual arts.  This is accomplished through illustrated biographical notes, readings, animated strips, and interviews of researchers and friends: different voices telling the varied world of Gianni Rodari and his work.


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