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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


27 maggio 2021

Reimagine education: young people talk about their idea of a new school

On Tuesday 8 June at 4:30 pm, six young people from different backgrounds will give testimony, through their voices, of how the school has changed their lives, helping them to develop their skills.

This will be the format of the Activate Talk, “Reimagine education”, promoted by Unicef, which aims to tell about the change underway in the school world through the experiences of Italian students, new Italians, migrants and refugees who have managed to develop their potential and overcome the gaps that hindered their full realization, thanks to virtuous educational paths.

Elisabetta Mughini, referent of the Avanguardie Educative Movement and Indire Research Director, will take up their requests. The meeting aims to bring attention to the crisis that national (and international) education is going through at the moment, also because of the health emergency. With the advent of distance learning, some inequalities have been increased together with the risk of dropping out of school.

“Reimagine education” wants to reopen the debate in a constructive and positive way, providing concrete and real examples of how the school can be an indispensable and effective tool in supporting the paths of growth and social affirmation.

The event takes place from 4:30 to 6:00 pm and registration is required to participate.


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