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2 agosto 2021

The research report on the school that will come in the post-pandemic world has been published

The research report «In the twilight of lesson time. Post-pandemic “normality” in teachers’ imaginary», the result of the collaboration between CNR-IRPPS (L @ BED Project), INDIRE-Small schools and ANDIS (National Association of Head Teachers), which returns the results of the survey” The school that will come” carried out between May and September 2020.

Referring to the invitation “to do the annual inventory” to rethink the post-pandemic world, launched by the French philosopher-sociologist Bruno Latour in the article “Imaginer les gestes-barrières contre le retour à la production d’avant-crise”, the survey collected thoughts and proposals from teachers and head teachers of the Indire’s small schools national network and from the head teachers of the National Association of Head Teachers, who had been asked to think about the school activities of the last ten years and to reflect on the school that will come, starting from the following questions:

  1. Which activity that has been suspended would you like not to be resumed?
  2. Which activity that has been suspended could start as before?
  3. Which activity that has been suspended would you like to be further developed upon resumption?
  4. Which activity that has been suspended should be completely reinvented?

From the answers collected, a sketched vision emerges, far from the special effects of the rhetoric of innovation and the dichotomies of public debate, in which new forms and objects, albeit still nuanced, are supported by a pragmatic approach to rethinking the school.

By making the most of distance learning in the present scenario, this vision goes beyond the inadequacies of the frontal lesson and the transmission model, pointing towards some main areas of change: teaching methodologies, the integration of digital technologies, the centrality of the body in the curriculum, school space-time and educational work conditions in the digital age.

All this was discussed and reflected upon during the online presentation event “In the twilight of lesson time”, held last 18 June, which was attended by, in addition to the authors of the report, Paolo Landri (IRPPS-CNR), Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione (INDIRE), Giuseppina Cannella (INDIRE), Laura Parigi (INDIRE), Rudi Bartolini (INDIRE), Danilo Taglietti (Department of Social Sciences, University of Naples ‘Federico II’), Emiliano Grimaldi (Department of Social Sciences, University of Naples ‘Federico II’), Anna Milione (IRPPS- CNR), Anna Tancredi (INDIRE) – Mario Paolucci (IRPPS-CNR Director), Maria Chiara Pettenati (INDIRE Research Director), Paolino Marotta (National President ANDIS), Gianna Cappello (University of Palermo – MED National President), Franco Lorenzoni (Casa Laboratorio Cenci).

The Research Report «In the twilight of lesson time. Post-pandemic “normality” in the teachers’ imaginary» is freely readable and downloadable online.


Consult and download the research report >>


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