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20 settembre 2021

Erasmus+ at Corri la Vita 2021. Participate and send us your photos!

The Erasmus+ Indire Agency participates for the third consecutive year in Corri la Vita, an event for solidarity, sport, culture and prevention, scheduled in Tuscany on Sunday 26 September.

The 2021 fundraiser intends to provide support to Ce.Ri.On. – ISPRO-LILT Cancer Rehabilitation Centre of Villa delle Rose; SenoNetwork, the web portal that brings together all the Italian Breast Cancer Units and FILE – Italian Foundation of Leniterapia Onlus. In addition, the EVA Project will be supported, in collaboration with LILT Florence and the Local Health Unit Tuscany Centre, which offers support to women with cancer for problems related to the consequences of treatment in the entire Great Florence Area.

Erasmus+, which promotes the values ​​of the initiative that takes place during the European Week of Sport, invites students, teachers, pupils, professors and all people linked to the Programme to participate.

“The participation of Erasmus – Sara Pagliai, coordinator of the Erasmus+ Indire Agency, declares – derives from a profound affinity of intentions and values, which are also the drivers of student mobility and of the many projects in which schools, universities, the CPIAs (provincial centres for adult education), but also the many bodies, associations, NGOs participating in the Programme are involved: the desire to know, to get out of one’s shell, to compare oneself to others, to be active and to change the world positively, starting from oneself”.

Sport will be increasingly protagonist: from 2022 the Sport sector of ​​the Erasmus Programme will be enhanced at a decentralized level, with the possibility for sports clubs, but also for many small amateur associations, to participate in international projects.

The 2021 edition of Corri la Vita offers culture, live TV and social media streaming, and individual sport and is one of the most awaited and attended events in the Tuscan capital. This year the event takes place with a new formula that extends to all of Tuscany, to continue to promote fundraising for projects dedicated to the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. During the day of 26 September, it will be possible to visit more than 100 cultural destinations for free – in Florence and throughout Tuscany – wearing the official Corri la Vita 2021 t-shirt.

In the previous days, on 24 and 25 September, an Erasmus+ stand will be set up in via Martelli in Florence, to promote participation in the event, provide information and make known the many opportunities that Erasmus+ offers.

The Erasmus+ Indire Agency invites Erasmus participants to:

  • join the event and collect the official Corri la Vita 2021 t-shirt (info https://www.corrilavita.it)
  • visit the Erasmus stand on 24 and 25 September in via Martelli in Florence and pick up a gadget
  • train on Sunday 26 September and visit the cultural destinations with free admission proposed by the event
  • take a photo with the official T-shirt and the Erasmus+ gadget
  • share photos on social channels or create stories on Instagram and Facebook channels, with the hashtags #corrilavita and #Erasmusplus and with the tag on the official Instagram page of the Erasmus+ Indire agency @erasmus_indire

The Erasmus+ Indire Agency will send a kit of gadgets to the protagonists of the most significant photos.