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17 febbraio 2022

Italian language assistants abroad, applications extended to 1st March

There is time until Tuesday 1st March to apply as an Italian language assistant abroad for the school year 2022-23.

The deadline for the selection notice has been extended for candidates. For an entire school year,  they will have the  opportunity to assist teachers of Italian language in European schools in order to contribute to the promotion and knowledge of the Italian language and culture.

To participate some requirements must be met, including being aged under 30 years, being Italian citizens, but also European or non-European citizens (conditional upon proven knowledge of the Italian language) and the possession of a bachelor’s/master’s degree obtained in the subjects and in the time frame indicated in the call.

Candidates must also have taken at least two exams relating to the language, literature or linguistics of the country for which they are applying and have not already been assistants of Italian language abroad on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

The assistants will be awarded a scholarship of varying amounts depending on the host country. The activity covers a period of about eight months and involves a commitment of about 12 hours per week.

There are seven countries participating in the programme: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom and Spain. It is possible to apply for only one country and express three preferences on the cities of destination.

The deadline for applying  is on Tuesday 15 February at 11.59 pm.

For information, you can send an email to assistentilingue.italiani@istruzione.it or call 055 2380 756 / 713 (from Tuesday to Thursday from 10.30 to 12.30, on Wednesday also from 3 pm to 4 pm).


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