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9 marzo 2022

KIDS4ALLL launches an online survey on multilingualism, interculturalism and inclusion

The KIDS4ALLL project, coordinated by the University of Turin and managed by a wide network of national and international partners including INDIRE, was born in 2021 with the aim of facilitating the inclusion of migrant pupils in education systems.

The course seeks to promote in youngsters those skills, including transversal ones, which are useful for responding to the social challenges of the time, and for enabling full participation of all in community life: communication in the mother tongue and in a foreign language, mathematics, science, digital tools and languages, but also soft skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, ability to collaborate and creativity, spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship.

The idea behind KIDS4ALLL is therefore to support the right of access to inclusive and high quality training courses throughout the life span (the three “Ls” in the name of the project are precisely for Life Long Learning), developing peer collaboration schemes in formal (school), non-formal (associations, libraries, youth centres) and informal (social networks and digital environments used daily by children) educational contexts.

The activities of the project are aimed at pupils of primary school, lower secondary school and of the first two years of secondary school (with and without migratory background), but also to teachers, educators and parents.


Take part in the KIDS4ALLL intercultural questionnaire on multilingualism

It is precisely in order to investigate the reactions and perceptions regarding multilingualism and inclusion, that the KIDS4ALLL project invites language teachers of all school levels and educators, even those working in informal contexts, to participate in a short online survey consisting of 24 questions.

The questionnaire, completely anonymous and open until 17 April, is also aimed at detecting the best teaching practices implemented in this area, in order share them internationally.

For information: kids4alll@unito.it


Take part in the survey by 17 April  >>

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