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14 marzo 2022

Tuesday 15 March, third webinar of the “Let’s debate in English” cycle

The third webinar of the “Let’s debate in English” cycle is scheduled for Tuesday 15 March from 3 to 4 pm, a free event open to all dedicated to deepening the teaching methodology of the Debate in English.

The meeting, entitled “Let’s debate in English: focus on oracy“, will be introduced by the Indire researcher, Letizia Cinganotto, and will see the participation of international Debate experts, who will present a focus on oracy in schools, underlining the importance of the development of skills relating to dialectical confrontation.

INDIRE has been dealing for some time with the educational value of Debate, a didactic approach that is part of the 16 Ideas of the Educational Avant-garde Innovation Movement, successfully tested by numerous Italian schools.


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