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24 febbraio 2023

The arts as a didactic tool

For some years now INDIRE has been assiduously dealing with everything related to the school and the artistic field: theatre, music and dance are just some of the ways in which art can enter the school, and research carried out by the Institute in recent years have highlighted how it is not necessary to specialize in these areas to be able to use them but rather, with adequate training and acquiring the right methodologies, art can permeate every didactic activity. Thus, art becomes a methodology and tool to be used in daily teaching to improve learning and teach in a concrete and playful way. Echoing what Papert said, albeit in another context, children learn best when they do something concretely and work on real projects: using the body, voice, movement, the expressiveness given by melodies to accompany or act as a background for others disciplinary concepts is certainly interesting.

At the 2023 edition of Fair Didacta, the Artistic Department will try to bring out precisely these aspects: the space set up will be a cross-section of a laboratory where activities related to the arts convey and merge into a common voice: theatre, dance, hip hop music, painting and artwork will lead teachers to experience creativity with body and mind. The training events will focus on the use of artistic techniques in the context of daily teaching to support students’ learning and also the theater-circus will be experimented by the teachers who will participate in the immersive workshops, in the same way also the educational dance and the movement will be framed within a disciplinary path. These topics will be joined by the themes of working with paper and monotiling as artistic and creative expressions.

Within the Department there will also be space for the “Connections” path which, in collaboration with the Humanistic and Scientific Department and the Libraries space, will accompany teachers to experiment with interdisciplinary designs linked to ecology and recovery from different points of view and methodologies. Furthermore, the students and teachers of the Liceo Artistico di Porta Romana (Florence) will populate the department with their enthusiasm and creativity, and will help highlight the different aspects of art by accompanying the training moments of the department with their projects.

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Didacta Italia 2023 (Florence, Fortezza da Basso, 8 – 10 March)

Registration for the fifth edition of Didacta Italy is open and offers the possibility to choose from over 250 events included in the programme. Teachers will be able to participate in immersive workshops located in 6 departments: the first four dedicated to secondary schools (humanities, science, art and innovative school libraries), plus 0-6 sector and primary school. The novelty of this edition is a classroom dedicated to the metaverse. To participate in Didacta 2023 it is necessary to consult the programme and select the activities of interest, completing the procedure by purchasing the ticket directly on the portal, also using the teacher’s card.

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