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22 maggio 2023

Schools as common goods, the presentation event of the Labsus Report in Lucca

On Tuesday 23 May, at the Vincenzo Da Massa Carrara Conference Room in Lucca, there will be the presentation event of the Labsus 2022 Report entitled Schools: from public goods to common goods

The publication, created in collaboration with INDIRE and the research group on Small Schools, is the result of a survey carried out on 102 school-centered educational agreements throughout Italy, for an estimated total of over 10,000 players directly involved in the achievement of shared objectives for formalized alliances.

The meeting will give the opportunity to take stock of the shared administration experiences achieved by citizens and local administrations in Tuscany in recent years, with specific attention to collaboration agreements in schools. The INDIRE researcher Rudi Bartolini is going to talk about this in his speech at the conference.

The published report is closely related to the work carried out by the National Observatory on Educational agreements, which INDIRE launched last September together with Labsus with the aim of collecting and sharing experiences of the participation of public and private subjects in the educational project to promote and strengthen the educational, civil and social alliance between Schools and local educating communities.


Download and consult the report “Le scuole da beni pubblici e bene i comuni”>>


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