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15 giugno 2023

Video games as a teaching aid: participate in the European survey

Games in Schools” is the initiative promoted by European Schoolnet on behalf of the European Federation ISFE aimed at investigating the potential and use of video games in teaching and learning in schools across Europe.

In recent years, digital games and online games have entered the classrooms, integrating into curricular teaching and supporting teaching/learning processes in the framework of skill-based teaching. They have proved to be useful educational tools in an interdisciplinary perspective, functional in helping students to develop transversal skills.

As part of “Games in Schools”, an online questionnaire was launched aimed primarily at teachers (and other educational service providers such as school leaders or school support staff) of primary and secondary schools with the aim of collecting data and understanding what type of use is made of video games in schools today in daily teaching practice.


The online questionnaire can be completed (anonymously) until 30 June.


For any question you can send an email to  contattaregis@eun.org.