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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


PARtime is a training and research project promoted by INDIRE in collaboration with the Tuscany Region and is aimed at promoting the culture of equality and respect and the fight against violence in schools of all levels and in childcare services (0 -6).


  • To promote gender-sensitive education in the school based on a system perspective.
  • To monitor the training needs of teachers on issues relating to gender equality.


The course, aimed at teachers, head teachers, ATA staff, educators of the Tuscan territory, is organized in video lessons and educational kits to be consulted asynchronously and in full autonomy.

Video lessons are of two types:

  • Theoretical: they allow you to have a concise, albeit complete, framework on the topic of gender education, with regard to curricular teaching and the role of the school in the prevention of stereotypes and gender violence, as required by the Istanbul Convention. They are mandatory in order to obtain the certificate and are divided into four modules lasting about 20 minutes, which we recommend being followed in the order in which they are presented.

    Topics covered:

  • General introduction
  • Language in learning
  • Gender education in educational practice and disciplines
  • The role of schools and educational services in combating gender-based violence


  • Workshops: specific and declined for schools of all levels, they offer ideas, suggestions and materials to be adopted in daily teaching. The workshop lessons can be viewed by subscribers and enrolled without constraints, according to their areas of work but also of interest. The tag on the platform is intended only as an aid to orientation, but has no prescriptive value. In addition to the laboratory video lessons, there will be downloadable educational kits.



Participation in the training involves the completion of two questionnaires: one preparatory to enrolment, one at the end of the training, to detect the expectations and needs of educational and school staff on these issues, and an evaluation of the course.