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14 luglio 2017

European eTwinning: projects increased by 45% and 5 thousand new teachers enrolled in the first semester of 2017

Record breaking figures on eTwinning projects involving Italian schools and teachers: in the first semester of 2017 there were almost 5 thousand new teachers enrolled in the e-platform, which since 2005 connects teachers and classes in order to innovate didactic methods through new technologies.

According to the data released by the Indire’s eTwinning national Unit, our country is the second in Europe after Turkey: Italian schools rank among the most active for the number of projects and the results achieved.

The data of the first semester of 2017

There was a steady increase in the number of Italian teachers enrolled in the platform, with approximately 5,000 new registrations, for a total of 53,000 (around 11% of the approximately 480,000 teachers registered throughout Europe). On average, in each institute there were 3 teachers enrolled in the platform. The number of new projects also increased: Since January 2017 they were 1,133, and since 2005 the total number was 17,150 projects (+ 45% compared to 2016 and an average of around 7 new projects started per day). The number of schools has grown steadily, with about 1,000 new schools involved in the first six months of the year, which, together with the already registered schools, reached 14,000 eTwinning schools. The percentage of Italian schools with teachers enrolled in the online community was close to 29% of the total number of schools in Italy.

As far as the regions of the participating schools are concerned, in the first half of 2017, the region with the highest number of institutes registered in the platform was Apulia. Overall, the regions recording more participation were the more populated ones, such as Lombardy, the first ranking region in terms of participation with 1,600 registered schools, followed by Campania (1,337), Sicily (1,288), Lazio (1,193) and Apulia (1,159). Italian teachers who enrolled in the first semester collaborated primarily with teachers from Turkey, but also from Spain, Poland, Romania and France. In one case out of three, foreign languages were the most popular subjects chosen by teachers and pupils for the projects, showing a natural tendency for twinning activities between different countries. The subjects of the projects were very diverse: health, sports, environment, culture, art, music, theatre, etc.

According to the President of Indire, Flaminio Galli « eTwinning is an experimental environment where the recommendations of the national plan for digital school of the Miur can be implemented. Indire intends to promote the advantages of teaching through eTwinning also at Fair Didacta Italy, the most important Italian event dedicated to school, scheduled this September in Florence».


















eTwinning is the European community of teachers involved in electronic twinning between schools. The project, funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Programme, and co-ordinated in Brussels by the European Schoolnet consortium, promotes innovation in the school, use of technology in teaching, and the shared creation of educational projects between classes in different countries. Indire is the eTwinning national unit since 2005. The Italian Unity is constantly working with the network of National Units in the 36 participating countries and with the European Central Unit. There are over 480,000 European teachers registered in the platform, out of these, about 53,000 are Italian, with over 17,000 implemented didactic projects.


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