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10 ottobre 2017

The European e-Twinning conference in Malta

From 26 to 28 October the European conference “eTwinning and inclusion” will be held in Malta.

More than 500 teachers from all Europe, experts and national and European institutional representatives will meet in Valletta to discuss strategies to enhance schools’ ability to tackle the main exclusion factors (cultural differences, educational difficulties, geographical barriers etc.), and the benefits of non-discriminatory and inclusive activities in the class. More in general, examining the results of the 10 years of electronic twinning activities between European schools, it will be discussed how to improve national school systems, form the citizens of tomorrow, favour inclusion through international projects and professional development of teachers focusing on inclusion.

Live streaming
The plenary session will be on live streaming on 26 October at 2pm (CET) including the keynote speech of the expert on inclusion Mark Pendolf and the opening speeches. It will be possible to follow live the awarding ceremony of the e-twinning 2017 European awards, starting from 7 pm. Follow this link.

Italian delegation
As every year, Italy will be represented by its e-Twinning delegates, selected on the basis of last years’ quality evaluations. Find below the list of the selected teachers.


Name School City
Gianna Castelli ICS “Papa G. Paolo II” Candela (FG)
Lorena Cavicchi IIS “A. Gritti” Mestre-Venezia (VE)
Gioachino Colombrita Liceo Ginnasio Statale “V. Monti” Cesena (FC)
Vincenza Dell’Erba ICS “Pietrocola-Mazzini” Minervino Murge (BT)
Guseppina Anna Ippolito ICS “Papa G. Paolo II” Foggia (FG)
Sabine Mildner Liceo Statale “F. Cecioni” Livorno
Antonella Novello ITCS “Maria Lazzari” Dolo (VE)
Anna Palucci ICS “Alfieri-Garibaldi” Foggia (FG)
Giovanna Piras Istituto Comprensivo Ghilarza (OR)
Pina Lucia Anna Priore ICS “Alfieri-Garibaldi” Foggia (FG)
Michele Rapuano ITIS “A. Volta” Lodi (LO)
Faustina Renna ICS “Pietrocola-Mazzini” Minervino Murge (BT)
Ornella Soccio ICS “Alfieri-Garibaldi” Foggia (FG)
Diana Triventi ICS “Papa G. Paolo II” Foggia (FG)


Hashtag ufficiale: #eTconf17.

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