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16 aprile 2018

The presentation of the results of the national monitoring of higher technical institutes, on 17 April, at the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR)

Translation by Giulia Lombardo

On Tuesday 17 at 3 pm in the “communication room” of the MIUR, there will be the press conference “Higher technical institutes: professional tertiary education 4.0. A system to rewrite the future of our youth”.

During the event, the results of the national monitoring of the higher technical institutes carried out by Indire will be released. The data reveals the employment outcome a year after graduation, relating to the courses finished between 1 January and 31 December 2016.

The conference will be participated in by the Deputy Secretary of State, Gabriele Toccafondi; the Director General for School Systems and the evaluation of the national system of education, Maria Assunta Palermo; the Councillor for education of the Toscana Region and responsible for the technical coordination of the IX commission of the conference of the presidents of the regions, Cristina Grieco. Indire’s President Giovanni Biondi will speak for Indire. The coordinator of the project “Higher technical institutes 4.0”, Stefano Micelli, the coordinator of the project “ Review of national figures of higher technical institutes”, Alessandro Mele and the vice-president of human capital management of Confindustria, Giovanni Brugnoli, will talk about systemic actions.

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