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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


10 aprile 2019

The oral recount of those who made the school. The convention “Teachers’ Memories” on Monday 15 April in Florence

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On Monday 15 April the appointment is in Florence, in the Indire’s historical headquarters in palazzo Gerini for the convention “Teachers’ Memories. Stories of school: the oral recount of those who made the school” (h 3pm- 6pm via M. Buonarroti 10)”.

The encounter aims to be a first moment of shared reflection on the value of teachers’ memory and oral sources as a way to support the preservation and valorisation, in a historical perspective, of those who experienced the implementation of innovation at school in the second half of the 20th century.

Pamela Giorgi, responsible of the Indire’s historical archive is going to open the works by presenting the project on the preservation of school memory, “Teachers’ memory” a repository encompassing the recent past of Italian schools through a series of video interviews to teachers/innovators. A small part of the videos are already available on YouTube.

Speakers: Alessandro Mariani (Rector of the online university, IUL); Maria Francesca Stamuli (Archival and Tuscan Bibliographic Superintendency), Antonio Sofia (Indire), the Group Movimento della Cooperazione Educativa di Firenze, Francesca Pizzigoni (Indire), Gianfranco Bandini (Florence university).

The themes selected by the Indire research group are many: school building and learning spaces, furnishing and lesson times, school books and didactic tools, technologies and inclusion, the relationship between school and society, and the teachers’ role. Experiences that before where only held in teachers’ memory become with these videos a tool to emphasise aspects that otherwise would slip away from memory, such as school life, the ways to transmit contents and values, learning and socialisation experiences, and the relationships between students, families and school management.

The event is organised by Indire and MCE – Florence territorial group with the support of the online university IUL and the department of training, languages, interculture, literature and psychology of Florence University and with the collaboration of Archival and Tuscan Bibliographic Superintendency.


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