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3 dicembre 2019

Farewell to Domenico Lenarduzzi, father of the Erasmus programme

Domenico Lenarduzzi passed away last 2 December in Brussels, but his vision of the future of European education, his lucid understanding of chains of events, and his clarity of expression are still here to help us not to lose hope, in complex times. Domenico was our teacher and friend, he taught us the value of forward thinking, the need for methodical and rigorous work, he taught us enthusiasm and not to give up in the face of anything. I recall his first time in Florence in via Buonarroti in the cold winter 1985: we had just been given the responsibility of manging the Eurydice Italian unit. It was the first important European project where the institute was involved and he was beside us. Since then, he has always been ready to listen to our ideas, proposals, discuss them and sustain us when he thought it was worth doing so. All our suggestions for the computerisation of the system, Ortelius – the data bank on higher education in Europe we built in the 90’s with Florence University, Giunti and Olivetti, and many other partners from all over Europe, sustained by his trust  – come to my mind. And, we accomplished much more thank to him. In particular, we can’t forget his way of governing meetings of the many working groups we participated in, nor the words that were always concluding meetings, which filled us with emotions and certainties, accompanying and leading us in our homework to build Europe.


                                                                                                                        Fiora Imberciadori, former Director of the Agency LLP Italia