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13 marzo 2020

When in times of health emergency, the international cultural heritage is accessible thanks to virtual and digital tools

In the present situation, digitalisation offers the opportunity to access the contents of cultural institutes and archives which in these days have multiplied their digital offer and increased information on accessibility to digital collections, also through their digital Facebook channels and the hashtag #iorestoacasa.

From Milan movie library, which has made available a treasure of more than 500 film titles of the past in free streaming, to the digital sections of Italian national libraries.

Many other services have been offered by the portal https://solidarietadigitale.agid.gov.it, meeting immediate and large demand. 

In line with Indire’s mission of future-oriented didactics in support of “good use of digital systems and the opportunity to link cultural heritage and citizenship, we list bellow some freely accessible contents. Some have been available before but are offering new contents in these days, such as: RAI’s archives, and in particular its didactical contents http://www.raiscuola.rai.it and Raiplay.

There are also history lessons Fatti per la storia.

Online Teaching is not just watching online lessons, but also the opportunity to delve into issues and use the time available in this period of school closure, accessing reliable and formative contents. Accordingly, there are increasingly more museums offering real virtual tours and putting their collections online. 

We list below some of the most interesting digital cultural experiences in Italy and abroad. 

Online collections:


Digital tours:


 The Indire’s archive can also be accessed online: