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29 gennaio 2021

#ShootErasmus, the 24 winning pictures of the photo contest

The Indire’s national agency Erasmus+ selected the 24 winning photos of #ShootErasmus among the 700 competing in the photo contest.

Last December, #ShootErasmus invited students, teachers, headteachers, trainers and adult education professionals to submit on Instagram a photo testifying the experience of those who participated in the Erasmus exchange activities, and in the eTwinning community or the adult education platform, Epale.

The photos included in the winners’ section are those which were more able to represent the emotions and feelings experienced by the protagonists: personal growth stories, life experiences, the appropriation of places, cities and landscapes which were unknown to them before. And also, the extension of participants’ identity in a European sense, the feeling of belonging to a community, food experienced as a discovery, the tenacity to carry out the Erasmus projects in spite of the health emergency, the changing of self-perception and awareness of differences, and borderless friendship.

The winners are going to receive an award from the Agency and during the year will have the chance to tell their experience with interviews, follow-ups, live streaming events on Instagram and on the other Erasmus+ Indire social channels.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Click to see the 24 photos