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8 marzo 2021

The project STE(A)M IT launches the Professionals Go Back to School Competition

STE(A)M IT, the European project for the promotion of the study of scientific subjects, launches the STEM Alliance & STE(A)M IT – Professionals Go Back to School Competition, the competition that promotes the knowledge of professional careers in the scientific field.

The idea is to encourage teachers to talk in their classes about the career perspectives of those who undertake a study pathway in STEM, through documentation or meetings with practitioners who will bear their direct testimony to the students.

There are two ways to participate in the competition:

  • Organising a collaborative activity with a professional to draw up with the students a STEM Career Sheet, that is a sort of guide describing the job, the skills needed and the mobility perspectives (stream 1)
  • Drawing up the presentation (led by the teacher) for the students of a job in the STEM area using the resources of the platform http://steamit.eun.org (stream 2)

Teachers interested in participating have to choose between one of the above participation modes, pin it down on the STEM Discovery Map and in this way compete to become one of the 10 teachers of the STE(A)M IT Career Advisors Network.

The STEM Alliance & STE (A) M IT – Professionals Go Back to School Competition closes on 30 April, 2021.


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