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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


1 aprile 2021

The Avanguardie Educative’s repository is online


The website of Indire’ “Avanguardie Educative” Movement is enriched with an additional didactic section, useful for primary and upper and lower secondary schools. It is a repository containing all the products created since 2014, the year in which the Movement started, a community in continuous and constant growth, which today has formed a network of over 1,220 Italian schools.

It is possible to consult the repository through a search menu, which lists a series of products divided into 6 types of content and 4 subject areas, 11 aspects of organizational practice (from personnel management to the educating community up to training orientation) and 10 aspects of teaching practice, such as classroom management, assessment, inclusive didactics and learning spaces; Finally, the 21 ideas of the Avanguardie Educative can be consulted. These are the result of concrete experiences experimented in the field, and aim to revolutionise the three fundamental dimensions of teaching: didactics, time and space.

The section contains important training, tutorial and information/dissemination products which are the result of the work of the Indire researchers, in collaboration with teachers and head teachers involved in the «Avanguardie educative» action research project.

In addition, there are also contributions of Indire’s research, published in scientific journals, volumes or contained in conference proceedings. It is a heterogeneous corpus that fulfils a double function: on the one hand, to tell the extraordinary path towards innovation undertaken by the schools of  “Avanguardie educative”, through some of its products; on the other hand to be a stimulus and an orientation tool for all the other schools that want to be part of the Movement, because they share its mission: to identify, support, disseminate and systematise practices and educational models to rethink schooling in a constantly evolving knowledge society.

All products can be used for educational and scientific purposes, as long as they are not-for-profit.


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“Avanguardie educative” is a project born out of the independent initiative of INDIRE and which has benefited for some of its actions of the European Structural Funds 2014-2020 (NOP multi-fund “For schools, skills and learning environments” ESF / ERDF -2014IT05M2OP001 – Axis I «Education» – OS 10.2) as Organizational and methodological innovation processes – «Avanguardie Educative» (PUI B55G17000000006; project code 10.2.7.A1-FSEPON-INDIRE-2017-1). The products contained in the repository bearing the NOP logo and wording fall within the scope of the aforementioned funding.