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20 maggio 2021

Take part in Epale Community Stories 2021: we collect innovative stories from the world of adult education

Epale has launched a new call aimed at all adult education professionals to share their stories, useful experiences and innovative projects with the entire community.

The first edition of the Epale Community Stories was born during the difficult months of March-April 2020, from the idea of ​​sharing solutions adopted in Europe to react to the pandemic: 114 stories that tell concrete experiences of creativity and resilient pedagogy were collected and resulted into a recently published book, available at this link.

The goal of this year is to collect stories related to the thematic focuses of Epale 2021:

  • Skills for life, work and personal well-being, to encourage adult participation and learning;
  • Digital transition and blended learning opportunities;
  • Inclusive social change for sustainability and equity.

How these macro themes are articulated in Epale, and how to fit exactly into them by telling your story, is explained in detail in the launch article of the initiative.

Another novelty this year is the gift dedicated to those who participate:

  • The first 100 Epale users who submit a qualified story will receive a gift with the Epale logo!
  • Each month from May to November there will also be a lottery among users who comment on the stories: 5 users per month among those who comment on the published stories in a relevant way will be drawn by lot and will receive a gift.

The initiative is open until October 29, 2021.


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