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28 ottobre 2021

Send your story to the Epale community! Let’s tell together the richness of adult education

The deadline for “Epale community stories” has been extended to 15 December. This Epale’s initiative offers to its community the opportunity to share stories, perspectives and experiences in order to make adult learning educators’ creativity and the know-how available for their colleagues in the entire education sector.

After the first call dedicated to the educational solutions implemented during the Pandemic, this years’ objective is to gather together stories about adult education activities concerning Epale thematic focuses which could inspire others.




Which stories could be inspirational to other educators?

  • Ongoing projects you are participating in
  • The most interesting aspects of your experience as adults’ educator
  • How your job has changed in the last years
  • Future challenges in the area of education and in your specific area of interest


How to interpret Epale thematic focuses

As far as lifelong learning to enable adults’ learning and participation is concerned, the stories may tackle the themes of requalification for work and life, the importance of basic competences and the urgency of media literacy, especially after the challenges posed by the pandemic. What are you doing to improve basic skills and competences for the digital and demographic transformation?

Digital transition and mixed learning opportunities lead to reflecting on rethinking education in the digital era: a key goal which has been achieved in different ways in different situations. How are you getting the most from mixed education? How are you keeping your students motivated through the digital tools? Which opportunities are arising?

Finally, a crucial subject: inclusive social change for sustainability and equality call for action in order to guarantee social equality and build resilience to react to the crisis. This means that we must guarantee the right to education to adults with disabilities and to socially excluded people to enable them to fully participate in society. How do your projects tackle the themes of social inclusion of vulnerable groups and of diversity and active aging? How are you contributing to sustainability through education?

The stories selected among those received will be published in the Epale Community Storybook as in the previous edition.


Writing guidelines

Stories must be accurate, well-reasoned, possibly include links to  projects and respect the set number of characters.

Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your experience, the strong points, and why not? You failures and lessons learnt!


To participate

Send your story by filling out the web form following the instructions and including one or more images.

Deadline extended to the 15 December 2021


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