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10 giugno 2022

“More facts than words”: Friday 10 June, the conference dedicated to the frontier teacher Gisella Galassi

2022 marks the centenary of the birth of Gisella Galassi, teacher from Forlimpopoli. Her professionalism was enhanced by the INDIRE initiative dedicated to frontier teachers of small schools.

Gisella Galassi has collaborated with the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Bologna and with professional associations such as the MCE (Movement for Educational Cooperation) and the CIDI (Centre for the Democratic Initiative of Teachers) in which she carried out a rich training activity. As regards to the school system, she devoted herself to research on language education and historical investigation. On 6 June 1981, she was also awarded an honour by the President of the Republic.

Her reflections on language are collected in the text “More facts than words”, written together with Francesca Rossi Gardelli, with whom she shared an interclass didactic experience since the 1960s, creating a new way of teaching. Their example continues to be a source of inspiration for a school that is committed to promoting cooperation through participated experiences of democracy.

On Friday 10 June at 3.30 pm, a conference entirely dedicated to the teacher Gisella will take place in Forlimpopoli and online in live streming. The round table will be attended by Pamela Giorgi, Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione and Laura Parigi, INDIRE researchers of the two research structures who together carried out the research and documentation work dedicated to the teachers involved in the literacy process which has been painstakingly carried out even in the most remote places of the Italian territory: the frontier territories.

It is right to remember Gisella, not only for those who have known and esteemed her, but also because remembering her work becomes an opportunity for discussion, exchange and research for teachers and trainers.


Follow the live streaming of the conference (10/6, 3.30 pm)